Tom Morgan

who is

… actually quite a good Interaction Designer & Front-End Developer

…but what does he do?

interaction design

Tom says:“It's not just about how it looks but how it works. People need to understand an interface quickly and get what they need out of it really easily. You want them to feel like the experience was a pleasure. One they want to repeat. This is what I do best.”

user centred design

Tom says:“A tried and trusted set of tools and techniques which achieve the best possible experience for your users. I've got over a decade of experience working in usability and I've been using creating personas, wireframes, rapid prototyping and user testing throughout my career.”

front-end development

Tom says:“Making the designs a reality. I'm positively brimming with skills for building websites and services. Lately that has mainly meant HTML, CSS and JavaScript but I have a knowledge and experience of almost all aspects of creating stuff online. This many skills can only be enumerated via poetry!

show me some work!

Tom says: “These are the best, most interesting projects I've done over the last few years. Employ me to do more stuff like this!”

Leeds Markets

iPhone App

E4 Skins
MySpace Page

Facebook Game

Wireless Grids


will he work for free?

Tom says: “Absolutely not! Although if this wasn't my job it'd definitely be what I did in my spare time. Speaking of which, here are a few personal projects I've done in my spare time.”

tell me more about him!

Tom says: “Hmm… rather than write a long boring passage here all about myself, where I come from and where I’ve been, I’ve documented my own personal March To Moscow.”

March To Moscow

I want to contact him!

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…I don't believe he exists!

Tom says: “You're right to be sceptical but I do exist. Here is some documentary footage of me speaking to people in rooms”

Responsive Web Design by Tom Morgan — on Vimeo.
Magic & Conspiracy Theories by Tom Morgan — on Vimeo.