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This was a large internal project with a lot of stakeholders and participants. Working with a large group of talented designers and an excellent project manager I was responsible for the interaction design and a large proportion of the front-end development. The brief was to provide a bang-up-to-date design which would really capture the range of activities W&P engage in whilst conveying both the personality and the unique approach of the company. We went with a responsive design using a masonry-style grid to enable us to deploy the website quickly and easily update it over the following months.

it's a repsonsive website

The website was designed and built to be responsive; working across the full range of modern devices.

it's a repsonsive website
it's a repsonsive website

Screenshots come via the excellent and extremely useful ami.responsivedesign.is

  • Interaction Design
  • Web Build
  • Wordpress

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