Facebook Game

Your life only … hyper! Like Farmville or Mafia Wars before it this Facebook game would encourage users to return again and again to tweak their settings and see what would happen, only this game attempts to simulate your whole life! The guys at Hypergame already knew how it would work but needed a really great interface designing which would not only give players all the information they needed in a simple way but allow them to understand and tinker with the plethora of settings needed to manage their in-game life.

The You Page

The main page of the game showing you important info and offering the user the main actions.

The Work Page

Work is one of the main aspects of a "hyperlife" on this page is where you can take decisions about it.

The Energy Reservoir

The main mechanism within the game is how you allocate your “energy” so a metaphor of liquid flowing into different areas seemed to fit.

Activity Controls

Users needed to be presented with controls for lots of aspects of their hyperlife in a intuitive and engaging way.

  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design

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