100 numbers

 — A toy for exploring numbers and patterns.

Oops there's a hole where your Flash should be.

What's that? A call from 2008? They want their technology back?

Yes, I know it should be HTML or something right? Well, I did it in Flash because for me it was quick to at the time.

Yes, it would be fairly simple now to redo it in HTML but it works for the purpose as it is. Maybe I'll convert it if I add a lot to it. It would be nice to have it work on the iPad.

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In case you don't quite know what to do:

• The squares down the left hand side turn the multiples of that number on and off.

• The bottom square (cut in half) turns them all on and all off (depending on which half you click).

• The dark semi-circles at the top control how many columns are showing.

• If you've got any ideas about how I could improve or add to it, tweet me @morganesque.


I made this for my kids who are just kind of approaching maths and numbers at various levels at the moment. I think with maths in particular getting a sense for the patterns and the relationships between numbers is so important, just as important as memorising the methods you need to use to get to the right answer.

I was hoping to make something which would be simple and easy to use but with enough in it to provoke some of those little "Aha!" moments I remember having about maths when I was young.

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